Inspire your bank customers to take climate action

Svalna’s powerful API-solution makes it possible for banks and fintechs to get access to the most comprehensive carbon footprint estimates on the market plus additional features that help your private and corporate customers save money and cut their emissions. Preliminary results show that Svalna’s users cut their emissions by 10% after downloading the app.

Engage you customers in the fight against climate change

Enable your customers to reduce their emissions

Help your customers to save money

Features available through the API

Get access to functions such as managing user accounts, fetching transaction data and retrieving emission results, through our API. All functions available in Svalna’s carbon calculators for private consumers and businesses are also available through the API. Purchases made with bank cards, as well as via invoices, can be handled.

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Measure the emissions

Measure the climate impact in real time, explore the emissions and find out what matters.

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Establish a goal

Motivate users to reach the goal by setting an emission target.

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Join groups

Allow users to adopt common goals, inspire each other and reduce their emissions together.

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Take actions

Provide users with tailor-made suggestions for behavioural changes and climate-friendly investments.

How does it work?

Consumers purchase goods and services with their bank cards. Svalna’s API fetches transaction data from the bank. Our scientifically-based technology analyses the data, categorizes the transactions, and calculates the emissions in carbon dioxide equivalents for every single transaction. A short lifestyle survey with key questions can be used to finetune the estimates. The results are then returned to your service, through our API, where they can be shown to your customers.

Technical specifications

Our technology for measuring the climate impact can be integrated into your service through our API in order to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with every single bank transaction. The API can be provided either as a public web resource or in a private setting. The entire system, or parts of it, can be run on your premises (server, emission model, databases, etc). Try our sandbox environment to learn more about the solution!

API-server hosted by Amazon Web Services

Integrated with API of Tink for fetching transaction data

Scalable relational databases

Capacity to handle thousands of API requests per second

Secure handling of sensitive data

We offer custom-made solutions!

Our API-solution is under development and we can offer different technical solutions and complementary services depending on your needs, for example, a public web resource API or an in-house solution. We also offer a whole range of add-ons so that your private and/or corporate customers can get exactly what they want. We are happy to discuss possibilities with you!

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Some of our possible add-ons

  • Updates and information via push notifications
  • Additional lifestyle questions to finetune the estimates
  • Newsletter with trend analyses
  • Encouraging feedback to increase motivation
  • Challenges and rewards
  • Opportunities for offsetting carbon
  • Division of emissions in households with shared economy
  • And many more...

How are the emissions calculated?

All purchases are categorized depending on where the purchases were made. Impacts from shopping are calculated by multiplying the purchase value by the emission factor of the corresponding purchasing category. The emission factors are based on Statistics Sweden’s environmental accounts and have been calculated using environmentally-extended multi-regional input-output analysis. The estimates can be finetuned using a short lifestyle survey in combination with individually adjusted emission factors from multiple public data sources. The calculation methodology is based on scientific research and has been peer-reviewed for the ultimate level of transparency and credibility.

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