The carbon calculator - Svalna’s app

How does the Svalna app work?

The carbon calculator measures your climate impact in real time based on how you live, travel, eat and shop. Connect the app to your bank and fill in a short questionnaire about how you live, eat, travel and consume. All purchases made with your bank card are automatically categorized based on where you shop. Emissions are calculated based on money spent in different purchasing categories. The emission factors we use are based on Statistics Sweden’s environmental accounts and are average measures of climate impact per monetary unit.

How is the climate impact of individual purchases calculated?

How is the climate impact of individual purchases calculated? All purchases made with your bank card are automatically categorized depending on where you shopped. A purchase in a grocery store is categorized as “food”, for example. Emissions are calculated by multiplying the purchase value by the emission factor of the corresponding purchasing category. The emission factors we use are based on Statistics Sweden’s environmental accounts and are average measures of the climate impact per monetary unit. More information about how we calculate the climate impacts can be found here.

How do you know how much my emissions decrease if I make a change?

We can’t know that for sure. But we have consulted with experts and made the best possible qualified estimates based on reasonable assumptions and the latest research about the effect of various behavioral changes and investments. We also continuously analyze the actual emission reductions that occur when our users change behavior, and we use the results to improve our estimates.

Which banks do Svalna support?

Through our collaboration with Tink AB, we offer support for almost all Swedish banks. There are a few exceptions, for example banks that only offer savings accounts.

How can I contact Svalna if I have more questions or need technical support?

You are welcome to email us at

Why does Svalna use transaction data?

Because it enables quick and reliable climate analysis. By retrieving data directly from the bank, we don’t miss any purchases and you don’t need to fill in long questionnaires about your shopping. The unique, automated technology in combination with a short survey about your lifestyle makes it easy and straightforward to measure the emissions. More information about security and data protection can be found here .

Security and data protection for app users

What happens if I connect my bank to the app?

If you connect your bank to the app, you agree that we collect information about when, where and how much money you spent on shopping, from your bank. You also agree that we use the information to categorize your purchases and estimate the emissions based on where you shopped. We don’t store information about individual purchases, and we can’t see exactly what you have purchased. Read more about how we handle your information in our privacy policy (only available in Swedish).

Is it safe to use the Svalna app?

Using online services is always associated with a certain risk, but we have done everything we can to reduce the risks. Our security architecture has been designed in accordance with the web security organization OWASP’s guidelines, and evaluated by Kirei, one of Sweden’s leading IT security companies. Our security architecture prevents unauthorized third parties from accessing your personal information and using it for illegitimate purposes. All communication is encrypted with SSL encryption, and our servers are certified according to both ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS, a security standard developed by the card companies. Read more about safety and data protection here (only available in Swedish).

How are my data used for research?

By choosing to share your data with researchers, you contribute to studies about sustainable lifestyles – knowledge that can be used to support behavioral changes and inspire more people to adopt low-carbon habits. Sharing your data with researchers is completely voluntary and anonymous. We never share your data with researchers unless you explicitly agree to it. And neither we nor any scientists can ever see where, when or what you have bought.

Can I delete my account and all information?

Yes, you can terminate your account at Svalna at any time. If you choose to terminate your account, all information about you will be permanently deleted from our systems.

What terms and conditions apply?

Check out our terms of use and our privacy policy (only available in Swedish).

Carbon intelligence system - Svalna's web tool

What data is used to calculate the climate impact?

It depends on what the organization and we at Svalna have agreed on, and what data is available from the organization. The calculation method is mainly based on using accounting data to calculate greenhouse gas emissions per Swedish krona spent within different purchasing categories. The database consists primarily of financial data, such as charged amount, expense account and supplier. Using economic data is a reliable method without the risk of double counting. In some cases, physical data is used as a complement when calculating the emissions from transport, travel, and use of energy (e.g. used energy of different types, as well as means of transport and distance traveled).

Which emissions are included?

All emissions linked to the organization's financial activities and which are included in the accounting documentation that we have been given access to, are included in the calculations. Both direct emissions that occur on site (e.g. from vehicles and machines), as well as indirect emissions that occur in other places. We calculate the consumption-based emissions, regardless of where they occur, and include all emission scopes (scope 1, 2 and 3). The emission factors that we use are based on Statistics Sweden's System of environmental and economic accounts and have been calculated using environmentally adapted multiregional input-output analysis. The method captures all emissions linked to the use of energy and other physical inputs at all stages: from raw material production, via manufacturing and transport, until the product or service is delivered to the end consumer. The emission intensities that we use to calculate emissions for companies and organizations represent total final consumption in Sweden (private, nonprofit and public).

Which transactions are included?

Not all financial transactions turn into emissions. The basic principle is that emissions are only calculated for transactions relating to the purchase of goods and services that the organization consumes. Examples of transactions that are not given any emissions are salary payments, tax payments, invoices that have been credited and pension payments. The same applies to different types of money transfers between departments or businesses within the organization. These transactions are seen as intermediate cash flows that are in the end consumed at a later stage by private individuals and / or public actors, and whose emissions are to be attributed to the end consumer.

How reliable are the results?

It is difficult to quantify, but there are several sources of uncertainty that are important to keep in mind for a correct interpretation of the results. Some uncertainties can be reduced in the future thanks to higher quality data and more detailed analyses. Others are much more difficult to do something about. One source of uncertainty is that the sectors on which emission intensities are based are rough. Difficulty in correctly categorizing all purchases is another source of uncertainty, which is related to the quality of the accounting data.

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