Svalna partner in R&D project on scenarios for Swedish consumption-based emissions!

We are thrilled to announce that Svalna has received funding from the Swedish Energy Agency to work with Chalmers University of Technology and IVL on developing scenarios for Swedish consumption-based emissions. This project means a significant step towards providing our customers with a better understanding of how their carbon footprint is projected to change as energy, production, and transport systems decarbonize over the coming decades. By giving our customers the information they need to make informed decisions, we can help them prioritize their work and achieve their sustainability goals.

Contributing to research
The research project will develop pathways to reach net-zero consumption-based climate emissions and a renewable energy system, focusing on both direct and secondary effects of lifestyle changes. Svalna will contribute by providing statistical data on differences in consumption patterns for different household groups, which will be used to develop national scenarios corresponding to the IPCC's Shared Socioeconomic Pathways.

Utilizing the results
Svalna will utilize results from the research in two different ways: First, the scenarios will be adapted to local conditions so as to reflect for example share of urban/rural, income levels, etc. to form local scenarios that can inform policy makers in municipalities and regions. Second, the scenarios will form the basis for analysis of how our customers' climate impact (Scope 1-3) are projected to change. This collaboration will allow us to improve the quality of our scenarios and offer more accurate projections for our customers.

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